Sudanese army says not to allow state to fall


The Sudanese Armed Forces on Wednesday reiterated that it would not allow the state to fall or slide into the unknown, official SUNA news agency reported.

“Those who lead the scene in the demonstrations are the same faces that have remained hostile to Sudan,” SUNA quoted General Kamal Abdul-Marouf, Sudanese army’s chief of joint staff, as saying on Wednesday.

Abdul-Marouf’s statements came during a briefing meeting at the ranks of brigadier and colonel at the Nemairi Military Academy under Sudanese Minister of Defense Awad ibn Auf.

He said some people distort Sudan’s image with international organizations and support the rebel movements that have been fighting the Armed Forces over the past years.

The Sudanese armed forces would not allow the country to be handed to leaders of the defeated rebellion or agents of suspicious organizations abroad, he added.

Since Dec. 19, various areas in Sudan, including Khartoum, have been witnessing popular protests over the deteriorating economic conditions and price hikes of basic commodities.