Sudanese-Australian Joint Talks Held

The First session of the talks between the Sudanese and Australian senior officials held, Wednesday, at the Australian Foreign Ministry, in Canaberra.

The Sudanese delegation to the talks was headed by the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador, Abdul Ghani Al-Naeim , while the Australian side was led by the Assistant Undersecretary of the Australian Foreign Ministry.

The Australian side has welcomed Preident Al-Basher’s initiative for realization of peace and stability in the State of South Sudan which is sponsored by IGAD and Sudan’s efforts to combt terrorism, illegal migration and human trafficking in cooperation with the international community.

The Australians, also, welcomed the National Dialogue and lifting of the US sanctions imposed on Sudan, affirming support to the country’s efforts to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The two sides agreed to exchange visits of the senior officials in the two countries, the development of cooperation in all fields and the reactivation of trade relations through sending specialized trade mission to Sudan tio inspect the available investment opportunities.

They also, reached an agreement to to coordinate the joint efforts between the diplomatic missions of the two countries in regional and international forums.

The joint talks have, also, tackled development and promotion of the bilateral relations and means for encouragement of the private sector and companies in the two countries

source: SUNA