Sudanese authorities release 84 hostages held by a gang for human trafficking

On Sunday, Sudanese security services freed 84 hostages from the state of Eritrea, including 51 girls who were in the hands of a trafficking gang in the state of Kassala.

The director of security and intelligence in the state of Kassala, Brigadier General Alam Eddin Mishi, received accurate information from the competent authorities, which led to the force to move towards the location of the specific rural village of the village of Kray Dreir (west of Kassala) and cordoned off the area, noting that the force confronted the kidnappers and managed to control it. The situation and the arrest of 10 of the accused and the release of hostages.

Brigadier General Alam Eddin said the hostages, all from the state of Eritrea, were over 30 years old and in a serious humanitarian situation. They were subjected to torture and serious violations and were held until their families were rescued.

For his part, Wali Kassala, representing Abdullah Adam Abbas, praised the efforts of the security services and the armed forces and said that this process confirms the cohesion of the joint forces and their vigilance in protecting the state. He praised the liberation process that was carried out without losses and is a strong message for the international community. Fight against the phenomenon of human trafficking.

Abbas appealed to the international community to play its role in providing logistical support to the Government of the Sudan and the state of Kassala for its ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking and illegal immigration.