Sudanese Consulate checking out the Situation of Sudanese Migrants in Libya


The Assistant Consul of the Sudanese Embassy in Libya inquires about the situation of illegal immigrants from Sudan and the difficulties facing for their voluntary return.

He discussed with the Anti -illegal immigration agency on Sunday the situation of illegal immigrants from Sudan.

The consul met with Sudanese community detainees to check on their living and health conditions.

The visit came when videos of Sudanese abducted in Libya complained of mistreatment by kidnappers and demanded their country intervene to free them.

These videos raised public opinion in Sudan, at a time gangs of banditry, kidnapping, smuggling and trafficking in human beings continue to carry out operations in the border areas between the two countries, which threatens the bad conditions in those areas.

It is noteworthy that the number of migrants coming to Europe through Libya has decreased this year due to European pressure and agreements with the Libyan government to reduce the number of migrants.