Sudanese Mediation makes proposals on the CAR file

The African Union and the Sudanese mediation presented a draft paper to the government and the armed factions in Central Africa with some detailed annexes to be signed, at a time when the Sudanese mediation affirmed the seriousness of all parties in Central Africa in achieving peace in their country.

Speaking to (SMC) the head of Sudanese mediation in the negotiations Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit said that the paper submitted by the African Union to the negotiating parties included proposals on the file of security arrangements and the system of government and the division of power and wealth and the integration of armed factions into the government army, Indicating that the mediation in waiting for the responses of the parties to the paper submitted to them, expected to cover the response of the parties in the coming hours.

He announced that the seriousness of the Bangui government and the armed factions to reach common understandings on the issues and outstanding issues between them, stressing that the African Union and Sudanese mediation are working to bring the views of the negotiating parties closer.