Sudanese-Russian Political Consultative Committee to be Held in Khartoum


The Sudanese-Russian Political Consultative Committee will hold its 7th session in Khartoum soon.

The State Minister Osama Faisal will participate from the Sudanese side, while the Russian side will be represented by the Russian deputy foreign minister.

The Sudanese ambassador to Russia, Nadir Yousif Al-Tayeb said, on the sidelines of the Russian-African Social Forum, that they proposed to the Russian side to be held on the first of December.

The first Russian-African Social Forum will take place on Monday in Moscow with a focus on discussing the development of cooperation between Russia and African countries in such spheres as education, health, ecology, and investment.

The forum is organized by the African business Initiative and the Russia-based Global Association of Alumni of Higher Education Institutions, supported by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with other Russian ministries and government departments. It is set to take place annually starting from this year, and has been organized to develop and support the socio-economic and cultural relationship that Russia has with Africa.

The day of the forum is packed with plenary sessions that focus on socio-economic exchanges between Russia and Africa in the fields of agriculture, education and science. The forum will look to the future, as round-table discussions will be held on the potential for the development of non-commercial platforms to create new mechanism for cooperation between Russia and Africa, and on the facilitation of Russia-Africa inter-youth dialogue. Such platforms are expected to be established on a permanent basis.

Around 500 participants are expected to attend the event, with such notable speakers as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar Maxime Duvo, and Dr Amany Asfour, the head of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Business Council.

Over 30 African countries will be represented in the forum, with foreign guests able to contribute to the discussion on the future of relations between Russia and Africa, as well as being given the ability to make their own presentation on the subject.

Source: pakistanpoint