Sudan’s Army to be Decisive in Fight against Insurgents

Sudan’s army threatened to be decisive against any aggression by insurgent movements and also to seize regions ruled by them. The army also promised to proceed with its operations without waiting for objectors or insurgents who refuse peace.

In the inaugural session of the strategic planning forum of the Popular Defence Forces in Khartoum on Tuesday, Sudan Defense Minister Awad Mohammed bin Auf called on armed individuals to choose peace and respond to state-initiatives.

Bin Auf stressed that the government won’t waste time waiting for insurgents – he also pledged that the armed forces will lay hands over the Sudanese territories, secure commercial and agricultural activities of citizens and return their social and economic lives to the normal state.

Notably, the Popular Defence Forces is a partially military force that was initially formed by the Islamists who became in control during the coup of June 1989 – later on, the forces expanded and included reserve forces. The international law classifies it as a military force because it was established by the ruling regime.

The Popular Defence Forces fought beside the army during the civil war, before the separation of South Sudan. However, demands emerged calling for dissociating these forces after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir praised this force’s role, saying that it has been backing up the army for 29 years and has lost 20,000 martyrs. It also contributed to defying multitude conspiracies against the country. Bashir added that it is a school that will continue and its role will not end whether in war or peace.

Source: aawsat