Sudan’s Bashir welcomes University of Khartoum’s initiative on crisis



Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir yesterday welcomed an initiative brokered by the country’s University of Khartoum (UofK), aiming at organising a “Policy and Dialogue Forum” on Sudan’s current crisis, official state-owned SUNA has reported.

The initiative came during a meeting between Bashir and a delegation of an academic professor at UofK’s – led by Abdel Malik Mohamed Abdel Rahman – at the Sudanese presidential palace in the capital city of Khartoum.

“The dialogue forum aims at developing solutions to the current crisis the country is facing,” Abdel Rahman said, stressing on UofK’s readiness “to provide a vision to achieve political and economic stability in Sudan as part of the university’s national responsibility.”

On 20 January, UofK’s director, Ahmed Mohamed Soliman, decided to form a special committee dedicated for organising the forum. At the time, Soliman pointed out that the forum aimed at “engaging influential ideas on the country’s public policies through scientific research and dialogue with national forces to help overcome Sudan’s current political crisis.”

On 31 January, 541 of UofK’s professors backed an initiative that called for forming a transitional government and carrying out protest vigils in support to the Popular Protest Movement (PPM).

Since last December, Sudanese cities have been witnessing major protests against price hikes. Protesters demand that Al-Bashir step down as president. According to government statistics, 32 people have died in the protests. Rights groups believe the number is much higher.