Sudan’s customs to resumes work at the border crossings with Eritrea


Kassala State confirmed that the start of the competent security authorities to arrangement for its work at the border crossings with the State of Eritrea to facilitate entry and exit of citizens, pointing that the waiting for the Sudanese response of the Eritrean authorities to open the border

Speaking to (SMC) The secretary general of the Kassala government Musa Mohamed side that the Sudan has started to arrangement for the resumption of the citizens movement and trade while contacts are being made with the Eritrean side to facilitate movement on both sides of the border.

He pointing that the state security committee issued directives to the Passport and Customs Police to start work at border crossings with Eritrea.

Moussa said the move would contribute to community outreach to residents of the border strip areas, adding that there is a heavy dependence on the people of these areas on Sudanese markets.