Sudan’s military council calls for opening roads and combating negative phenomena

The Security Committee of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan called on citizens to open roads immediately to facilitate the movement of trains and vehicles in the capital and the states, which helps in the flow of necessary needs.

In a statement issued on Monday, the committee called on citizens and all segments of society to assist the security authorities in immediate reporting of any negative phenomena that affect the security, safety and daily lives of citizens.

The committee stressed the military council’s keenness to preserve the political, economic and security life until the country comes out from the current crisis and to preserve the safety of the homeland, its citizens and their property.

The Committee pointed out that there are parties seeking in the opposite direction to do some negative and unacceptable practices in the street, including blocking roads, inspecting and controlling the movement of citizens and public vehicles, setting up roadblocks and preventing trains and trucks from meeting the needs of the citizens of the states.
The Committee noted that the use of vehicles without plates or false or illegal plates, helps in using these vehicles for bad activities reflected on the security of the country and the citizen.
And drew attention that the promotion and abuse of drugs on the street targeting the minds of young people.

source: sudandaily