Sudan’s Tarco Airlines Set to Fly Entebbe Direct

A Sudanese private airline, Tarco Air, is set to start direct flights between Khartoum and Entebbe.

The Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Works of Uganda are set to approve the move.

Tarco has been previously flying to Chad, Nigeria, South Sudan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since 2009. Now, the Sudanese government has designated Tarco airline to fly to Entebbe, easing flights between Sudan and Uganda.

Sudan President Al-Bashir is in Uganda for a two-day visit at the invitation of President Yoweri Museveni.
The presidents also observed that the lifting of trade and economic sanctions that had been unilaterally imposed on Sudan by the US for nearly 20 years, is an opportunity for boosting trade volumes between the countries and called upon the business communities and private sectors to take advantage of this positive development.
Museveni observed that the designation of the flight route would greatly improve connectivity between the two countries and promote trade, tourism and investment.