Supreme Court in Khartoum Frees 1000 Prisoners


Up to 1588 inmates in the different prisons of Khartoum state have been set free, according to judicial sources on Sunday.

The decision was issued by Supreme Court Prisons Circle, formed by the Chief of Justice, Hayder Ahmed Dafulla, and headed by Moulana, Mahjoub al- Amin the Deputy Chief Justice, and the memberships of the judges of the Supreme Court, Moulana, Awad Hassan Awad, Moulana, Ambili Babekir Ahmed.

The ex-convicts were convicted in the cases of public right of simple nature and, none related to any private right.

The release decision has included 449 inmates from Suba prison, 275 from Dabak prison, 95 inmates from Omdurman prison, 58 from Kober prison, 29 from al- Huda prison, and 682 female inmates from (Dar al-Tayibat) who were accompanied by their 138 children.