Terrorism Word Is Used to Put Pressure on Underdeveloped Countries: Strategic Expert

Horn of Africa Affairs expert, Prof Hassan Makki said that it is difficult to talk in objectivity about terrorism if there is no just balance; He added that there is a possibility to define terrorism in the world considering that there is the terrorism of a state and the terrorism of individuals.

He stated to Sudan Vision that the clearest example of the terrorism of the state is what Israel is practicing in the Arab world supported by western countries without being classified as a state that sponsors terrorism.

He pointed out that there is a difference between the resistance to the occupation and terrorism, pointing out that late Yassir Arafat was classified as a terrorist but when he signed the peace agreement he shared Nobel Prize of Peace with the Israeli Prime Minister at that time.
He said that a Jew writer who working with the Mossad wrote a book in which he said that Israel assassinated more than 600 persons including scientists, politicians and combatants.
He affirmed that the word (terrorism) is used as a pressure paper on the underdeveloped countries as is the case in Sudan.

source: sv daily