The Adoption of the Council of Political Parties and the Electoral Commission and Anti-Corruption Commissions


The Supreme Coordination Committee for the follow-up of the implementation of the national dialogue’s outcomes has approved the nominations of members of the National Election Commission and the Council of Political Parties Affairs.

The Committee held a meeting on Sunday in the Guest House chaired by the President of the Republic Omar al-Bashir.

The Minister of Information, the Sudanese government spokesperson Bishara Juma Aru said that the committee has adopted the formation of the Anti-Corruption Commission headed by the Committee of Wealth of Hardship and Suspicion, the Public Prosecution Office, the Office of the Auditor General, the National Justice Bureau.

He added the Supreme Committee has also discussed the developments of the current events and their repercussions, and expedite the procedures of the special committee to discuss the issues of macro and political and economic trust.

He added that the meeting stressed the need to move forward in the national dialogue until the elections.

The Assistant President of the Republic member of the Committee, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said the formation of the Electoral Commission and the Council of Political Parties and the Anti-Corruption Commission confirms the progress in implementing the outputs of the national dialogue.