The Return of Sudanese Woman Stranded in Syria


The Sudanese and Turkish authorities have managed to return Yusriyya Abdulkerim Hano and her four children to the homeland safely.

Hano, 34, went to Syria in 2011 with her then-husband to meet her in-laws, but then the civil war broke out.

After her husband left her, Hano ended up living in a refugee camp with her four young children.

Speaking to SMC, the Sudan ambassador in Ankara , Yousuf Al-Kordofani said that Hano and her four children were stuck in northern Syria because of war that out break in Rihaniyah border crossing.

In addition to Hano, we managed to help El-tijani Wageeallah to return his home South Kordofan state, Al-Kordofani said.

In statement to SMC, the advisor to the embassy, ​​Abu Ubaida Mohammed Fadlallah, praised the efforts of the Sudanese embassy in facilitating the entry of Hano to Turkey, pointing to the Turkish Interior and Foreign Ministries and police role in supporting  her to return back to Sudan.

The Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) contacted Sudanese officials to help get her and her children home safely, as well as with food, clothing, and medical care.