TMC Affirms its Keenness to Reach Consensus of Transitional Period Arrangements

Member of the Revolution Military Council (TMC) and head of its professional and social committee, Lt. Gen. (pilot) Salah-Eddin Abdul-Khalig Saeed, and chairman of the TMC economic committee, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Jabir, Monday briefed the employees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the political and economic situation in the country since victory of the people’s revolution and the Armed Forces and regular forces’ bias to it.

Lt. Gen. Saeed has renewed keenness of the Transitional Military to reach a national consensus on the arrangements for the transitional period and formation of a civilian government, stressing they have desire to maintain power.

Maj. Gen. Jabir has given a detailed briefing on the urgent steps and measures taken to enhance the critical economic conditions of the country, secure the needs of various food supplies, make a success the agricultural season and prepare the country for foreign investments.