TMC Receives List Of 100 National Figures For The Transitional Government

Vice President of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), First Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo revealed that the President of the council received a list of 100 national competencies to form a transitional government to manage the transitional period to fill the constitutional vacuum in the country, stressing that the situation cannot bear more than that.
Addressing, here yesterday, mass rally of peace and building of South Kordofan people, Daglo said that the TMC does not refuse the African Union initiative, but they do not want to take a lot of time, stressing that he did not hear the Ethiopian proposal to form a sovereign council except through television, pointing out that the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) had worked to promote the Ethiopian document before the Ethiopian envoy arrived in Khartoum, stressing that their agreement with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that he would be a mediator only for the purpose of the two parties tosit to negotiate and not to submit a document and proposals of solutions, saying they do not want any external party to solve the problems of the country.
Daglo renewed the council’s rejection of any agreement with FFC on the sovereign council unless the agreement is agreed on an elected legislative council, stressing that the agreement reached with FFC is not binding and was not signed but said they are ready to agree with them if an agreement reached on the election of the legislative council , calling on FFC to sit for direct negotiations, noting that the TMC was a sponsor of the change that has happened but now the council has a large crowd, stressing that the council seeks to apply the law on all without exception, stressing the importance of appointing competencies to manage the transitional period, saying that the civil power they call for is the council of ministers of those competencies who do not belong to any party or political organization and that their participation in the sovereign council according to what is agreed upon of percentages.
Daglo said that the TMC President had contacted the President of the Sudan Liberation Movement, Minni Arko Minawi, where he confirmed that the council is now ready for their release and that there is no political detainee, pointing to the formation of a committee to contact armed movements and to negotiate with them to achieve peace.
The TMC Deputy Chairman expressed apology for delay of TMC in giving attention to the living conditions of the people, saying that the Forces of Freedom and Change had diverted their attention from the issue, stressing that as of now they would engage in finding radical solutions to the high cost of living.
Daglo affirmed that solution of the problem of high prices would be prompt and radical, affirming that the TMC had already made steps for the purpose, stressing the importance of market controls to curb price hikes.

source: Agencies