Training Camps of JEM Mercenaries in Southern Libya Disclosed

Agencies -SMC

A number of Libyan academicians have described the situations in southern Libya as a time bomb, referring to the presence of big numbers of non-Libyan armed persons there and their establishment of training camps would constitute a threat to Libya and the neighboring countries.

The Libyan political analyst, Al Sanousi Ismail, affirmed in a report published by Noun Post website that the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) attempts to destabilize Sudan from camps in southern Libya.

The Foreign Ministry of the Libyan National Accord Government had indicated that the African opposition movements had utilized the security situations in southern Libya and started establishing training camps in the area, in stark violation to the sovereignty of Libya.

It is to be noted that the American Associated Press news agency said in a report in July 2017 that lack of effective control on the border had enabled the militias that fight the Sudanese government to establish camps inside Libya.