Troika and AU urge Sudan negotiators to ‘reach early agreement on civilian government


The international ‘Sudan Troika’ of the UK, USA, and Norway, as well as the African Union (AU), have issued statements urging the negotiating teams of Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC) to prioritise reaching a speedy agreement on a transfer to civilian government.

A joint statement by the Troika released today says that the countries have been following developments in the talks between the TMC and the AFC on transfer of power to civilian-led institutions very closely.

The Troika points out: “Any outcome that does not result in the formation of a government that is civilian-led, placing primary authority for governing with civilians, will not respond to the clearly expressed will of the Sudanese people for a transition to civilian rule”.

The Troika recognizes that the military has a role to play in guarding the safety of Sudan. “We continue to support the efforts of the AU and UN and urge the parties to swiftly conclude the talks and reach an agreement.”