Troika countries welcomes agreement on Sudan’s political declaration


The Troika countries, Norway the UK and the US welcomed the political agreement by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC)  that sets out the broad structure and responsibilities of the transitional government.

“We hope that these institutions will be able to gain the trust and support of the Sudanese people” Troika said in statement.

The troika also praised the efforts of the African Union and the Ethiopian and Sudanese mediators in helping the parties reach an agreement, affirming its encouragement to the two parties to sign the constitutional agreement as soon as possible and form the civilian-led transitional government which was demanded by the Sudanese people.

The three countries hailed the two parties to boost an independent investigation in June 3rd incidents and other violence act, engage in negotiations for ending the internal disputes in Sudan and to work for realizing economic, legal and constitutional reform during 39-month transitional period.

The TROIKA member states pledged to work together with a civil-led transitional government to meet the Sudanese people aspiration for peace, justice and development.