UK Special Envoy: UNAMID Presence in Jebel Marra is Necessary



UK Special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Chris Trott said the presence of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) in Jebel Marra is the essential for the stability of the region.

Trot and the British Ambassador to Khartoum Michael Aron visited the Gulu region of Jebel Marra on Tuesday, according to a statement by the British embassy.

The visit of the British official came to examine the situation in Jebel Marra, and to hear the citizen’s opinions about the impact of the conflict in their lives, and met with Gulu accredited Jaafr Adam Abakr, discussing with him  ways to enable the international community  to support the people in the region.

He praised the UNAMID efforts, stressing the need for its existence to maintain stability in the region.

Trot expressed his country’s gratitude to the humanitarian organizations taking care of the displaced people and returnees to their region in Gulu, saying there are about 70,000 people who need humanitarian assistance.

He also held a number of meetings since his arrival, among which Assistant to President Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, the undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Abdul Ghani Al-Naim and number of political party leaders.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, the head of UN Peacekeeping Jean-Pierre Lacroix said in a press statement last month that UNAMID began to reduce the number of its troops in Darfur and that its presence would be limited to the Jebel Marra in the central region.

The United Nations Security Council decided on June 30 to decrease the UNAMID troops to 11,395 and the police to 2888 as a first phase within six months, followed by a second phase in February 1, 2018.

UNAMID has been deployed in Darfur since early 2008, as the second largest UN peacekeeping mission, with more than 20,000 military, security and personnel of various nationalities, with an annual budget of $ 1.4 billion.