UN Panel of Experts: Disarmament Campaign Led to Significant Improvement in Situation in Darfur


Sudan’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (DDRC) revealed that the UN Panel of Experts on Darfur has approved that the disarmament campaign has led to significant improvement in security situation in the region.

Speaking to SMC, Salah al-Tayeb, the head of DDRC said that the higher committee for Arms Collection would continued its work in all the states, stressing the importance of revitalizing the regional mechanism which includes Sudan, Chad, Libya, Central Africa and other countries for curbing proliferation of weapons.

He pointed out that a visiting team from the Panel of Experts, which supports the action of the UN Sanctions Committee on Darfur weapon embargo, has approved that  the significant improvement in security situation in the region following the implementation of the disarmament campaign.

In the same context, the Coordinator of the Panel of Experts Thomas Adu said after talks with the experts of the DDRC members that their official visit to Sudan comes to identify the situation and developments for the peace process in Darfur, especially after the process of collecting weapons in the region, stressing that other delegations will visit the states of Darfur examine conditions there.