Unamid: Security in Darfur Has Improved

Head of the UNAMID mission in South Darfur, Burhan Mesk Nika, on Sunday confirmed that the security situation improved significantly across Darfur.
He praised the role of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the process of collecting illegal weapons and reduce human trafficking and illegal migration.

Misk met the RSF leaders in Nyala, and pointed at their role in rehabilitating the civil administrations and water resources, building schools, participating in tribal reconciliations and maintaining security in general and especially for internally displaced persons and returnees.
Mesk said, The Peace and Peaceful Coexistence Festival, which organized the state and its localities, marks a turning point in the peace process.
He added that the mission is seeking to stabilize the security situation and improve the situation of those affected by the years of war in Darfur states.
He stressed the desire of the UN Joint Mission to participate in the Peace Festival and promised to train youth campers with the participation of the RSF as well as the establishment of a workshop for peaceful coexistence between the communities of the state in partnership with the support rapid forces and the wide participation of all civil society sectors in the state.
He pointed out that the Mission’s next mandate is more relevant to the peace process than it had previously been.