UNICEF…blind statements


The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) statement on the impact of recent political events in Sudan on children sparked the concerned organizations of children’s rights especially that the organization referred to the deaths of children in what so called (the unrest occurring in Sudan).

The organization said that the children were killed and dozens wounded and others were detained, but acknowledged the difficulty of verifying the reports, but urged the need to protect children and not to target them,

It seems that UNICEF has deliberately ignored the state’s efforts to protect children, especially since it did not refer to the parties that exploit the children in the protests, and of course they have the agendas that push them to participate.

UNICEF also turned a blind eye to the efforts of the state represented by the National Council for Child Welfare, adding that such behavior is considered an abnormal behavior that is incompatible with the children psychological, mental and physical nature and violates their basic rights.

The Council stressing that, in accordance with its responsibilities to protect children, it is following up with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Investigation Committees and the state the latest developments in the situation of children in the protests, stressing their efforts to protect them and promote their rights.

The government has also called on those who are protesting against the use of children in demonstrations In order to preserve their lives; they have closed the schools for two weeks because of the negative impact on them.

There is no dispute that there is an economic crisis with the state’s commitment to guarantee the right of peaceful expression, which is contrary to sabotage and other negative practices.

The State Minister at the ministry of information and Communications Mamoun Hassan has pointed out that the recent protests targeted specific children and involved them in the protests, considering that their participation carries several negative contents.

Some quarters tried to force children into the protests, although this indicates that these actors are trying to hijack events using children.

The leaders of the movement hide in the back rows, while putting the children in the front lines of the protests that appeared in some videos on social media.

The government has warned that the use of children in the protests can make him a criminal and may change their behaviors and may do many things that are held accountable by law.

UNICEF’s ignored the use of children, as well as sending letters to the government to take account of the rights of children, at a time when the organization recognizes that Sudan has placed child protection as a priority of the state.

The Article 32 (5) states that “the State shall protect the rights of the child” as set forth in the international and regional conventions ratified by the Sudan.

The State continued its national strategic efforts, foremost of which was the Child Act 2010, which is a fundamental pillar in the children protection and welfare.