UNMISS closes Tongping camp in Juba

The Tongping UNMISS temporary camp in Juba has been decommissioned after all remaining civilians were relocated to PoC sites at at the U.N House, the International Organization for Migration said.

After fighting in the capital of Juba in July, roughly 4,500 people sheltered at the camp, and 3,3000 civilians were relocated to the UN House.

Sources say that at least some camp residents of Tongping were not initially receptive to moving to the U.N House site because it lacked space and food. It appeared that on at least one occasion, tear gas was likely used after resistance from civilians living in the camp, according to sources.

U.N. officials say that the site was never meant to be permanent, and the U.N. house offers more services. The Tongping site has greater risks of malaria, the officials say.

There are more than 38,000 people living inside the Juba U.N. House PoC site.