UNSC Team to Inspect the Situation in Darfur States


United Nations Security Council (UNSC) experts’ team started a visit to Khartoum under the head of the sanctions committee formed according to the UNSC 1591 on Darfur, besides the representatives of UNSC member states to inspect the situations in Darfur.

Speaking to SMC, Diplomatic source said that the head of the committee affirmed her happiness for visiting Darfur to see on the ground the considerable stability and peace, pointing out that the stability was realized especially after the success of the firearms collection campaign, expressing her desire to submit positive recommendations to the UNSC to reconsider the procedures of the UNSC decision No. 1591 on the light of those developments.

It is to be noted that the head of the committee started its activities by meeting the acting Foreign Minister Secretary-General, Ambassador Omer Siddiq besides meeting with the national coordinators for UNSC decision No. 1591 chaired by Ambassador Hassan Hamid.
The meeting will also include the concerned ministries and institutions besides field visits to Darfur.