US Commercial Banks to Receive Financial Transfers from Sudan Via Agricultural Bank


The exclusive agent of a group of US companies in the Sudan and the Middle East, Mohammed Babikr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WAYIRA Engineering Company, announced the approval of a number of US commercial banks to receive financial transfers from Sudan through the Sudan ‘s Agricultural Bank.

He said in press statement that the US bank – Arizona International Bank has agreed to receive transfers directly from Sudan form Sudan to buy all US commercial transactions, stressing that the company’s offices in the US have made great efforts during the past period in particular, especially during the visit of the former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Director General of the Agricultural Bank to Washington and their meetings with officials there.

The approval of these banks on the financial transfers from Sudan would positively effect on the recovery of the Sudanese economy, activate trade between Khartoum and Washington, as well as facilitate US investments in Sudan, in addition to the significant impact of the decline in the foreign exchange rate.

He praised the talks conducted by a delegation from the US Treasury in Sudan, pointing out that his company met with the delegation and explained to them its efforts in this field, saying that the company was able to set the fixed ground for investment in Sudan, stressing that they are ready to provide all the required services to other Sudanese banks in the US.

He expected a significant breakthrough in the entry of agricultural equipment and machinery to Sudan after the approval of these banks to deal directly with the Sudan’s Agricultural Bank.

He said that through the interaction between the two parties the companies and the public and private sector can import all spare parts required, stressing that this deal will lead to a drop the dollar price in the market