US Companies Downplay Impact of Sudan Sanctions Extension, Affirm Desire to Invest in Oil Sector


A delegation of US companies headed by the General Manager of Capital Partners has downplayed the impact of the ninety days of the unilateral economic sanctions, saying that it will not prevent US companies from investing in Sudan.
The company which is operating in the field of developing economic build up and creating investment opportunities for companies, said nothing in the decision refers to changing or hard line approach and this is a sign of the positive trend of the total lifting of the blockade after the expiry of the specified period.

Peter Watson affirmed his company’s keenness that the United States be a major player in the Sudanese economy via strategic companies from the American private and public sector.
Meanwhile, the American delegation has yesterday met the Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman, whereby the meeting reviewed the available investment opportunities in the field of developing petroleum and gas industry in all its phases. With regards to exploring and producing petroleum and introducing a modern technology for developing this aspect, as well  the petroleum facilities, pipelines and refineries, and the petroleum industries with its different aspects from the upstream to the downstream, in addition to finding information for projects feasibility and creating partnerships in other sectors.
Peter has outlined continuation Sudan and the American companies in the field of energy, and attracting big American companies for working in the field of petroleum  and other sector via benefiting from the general license guaranteed by the decision of the US Administration,  stressing that Sudan will be the best climate of investment for the United States of America.
For his part the Minister of Petroleum and Gas Dr Abdul Rahman Osman has affirmed Sudan’s readiness to cooperating with the American companies in the field of petroleum and gas. He stressed the importance of exchanging benefits between the two countries by benefiting from the American technology and expertise in the field of petroleum and gas and the potentials and resources of Sudan in the field of petroleum industry and many of attractive opportunities. He welcomed the desire of the American side in reviewing the available opportunities of investment in the petroleum field.