US Department of Treasury Unfreezes Sudan Embassy Funds

The U.S. Department of Treasury has lifted the ban on frozen funds belonging to the Sudanese embassy in Seoul, according Sudan’s Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.
In a press release, State Finance Minister Abdel-Rahman Dirar said the U.S. Department of Treasury unfroze funds belonging to Sudan’s embassy in Seoul, describing the measure as “positive move that reflects improvement in financial relations between Sudan and the outside world”.

The fund had been transferred to the South Korean, Daewoo Group and has been frozen since 2015, saying the company has recently received the fund into its account at an American bank.

Dirar said the decision comes within the recent financial measures taken by the U.S. government towards Sudan, saying “we look forward to seeing the full lifting of sanctions particularly after Sudan has met all the requirements”.

The U.S. Department of Treasury had announced the full resumption of financial transactions between Sudan and international banks.