US Paten Authority Awards Three Sudanese Scientists Paten Invention


United States awarded on May 28, 2019 paten discovery of a drug extracted form beans for Three Sudanese scientists.

The invention was adopted by the King Saud University in Riyadh. The invention was discovered by three Sudanese scientists led by Professor Mustafa Abd Allah Mohamed Salih who specialized in pediatric neurology at Faculty of Medicine in King Saud University.

On his part professor Salih told SUNA that the finding of the study published in 2008 in the International Neurology Periodical Magazine (Seizures and Behavior) at Harvard University in United States.

It reportedly that a previous study has proven that the beans contains a substance protecting against epileptic seizures.

The study according to professor Salih started by observing that the proportion of seizures infection in Sudan was low comparable to Sudan neighboring African countries of south Sahara.

He said the main breakfast dish contains beans at Sudanese schools and at homes as well.