US Praised Khartoum’s Efforts in Countering –Terrorism


The US State Department’s periodic report on terrorism in the world praised Khartoum’s continued efforts in countering -terrorism activities.

The US report stated that” the Government of Sudan has continued to pursue counter-terrorism operations alongside regional partners, including operations to counter threats to U.S. interests and personnel in Sudan”. In addition to its efforts to control the border with Libya to interdict the flow of suspected terrorists transiting through the region, and to prevent arms smuggling and other illicit activities.

“The Sudan’s “de-radicalization” program focused on reintegration and rehabilitation of returned foreign terrorist fighters and those espousing terrorist ideologies.” according to the report.

The report also included positive points, free of criticism, misinformation and allegations to the presence of Arab fighters in Sudan, which were reported in previous reports.

In its annual report on the war against terrorism, the State Department said that the global terrorist attacks had declined by 23% last year, while the death rate had dropped by about 27%.