Visiting Qatari Medical Delegation Starts Free Cardiac Surgeries in Sudan


A Qatari medical delegation has arrived in Sudan to conduct 60 free cardiac surgeries at the Sudanese Heart Center, including open heart surgery and cardiac catheterization.

Executive Director of the Patient Benefit Fund Abdul Majid Fadlallah said in a press statement on Monday that the Sixth Heart Camp is a partnership with the Fund and with the support and funding of Sheikh Eid Foundation and Hamad Medical Corporation.

He said during launching the start of operations targeting the treatment of children with birth defects in different ages through surgery and catheterization, pointing out that the Camp includes the training of doctors and cadres, revealing on the treatment of 200 children in the camps.

The representative of the medical team Bahaa El Din Hassan said that the team consists of 22 doctors including cardiology, intensive care, anesthesia and nursing.

He also revealed on the presence of a Canadian international breathing specialist in the medical team, pointing to the conducting of 40 Catheter interventions surgery and 20 open heart surgery in this camp, referring to the treatment of 70 children in Qatar.

The Representative of the Sheikh Eid Foundation in the Office of Sudan Mujahid Mansour stressed that open heart surgery and catheterization are conducted for free for children in need.

The camp aims to transfer experience and training to the country’s medical personnel and provide equipment.