Volume of Sudan-Jordan Trade Exchange Up to $120 Million


Jordanian Minister of Industry, Trade and Finance, Yarab Qudaa said on Wednesday that the volume of trade exchange between Jordan and Sudan ranges from $80-120 million annually.

He described the volume of trade exchange between the two countries as ‘modest’ while urging to strengthen the partnership to raise the volume of trade.

Sudan’s Industry Minister Musa Karama said during the Jordanian-Sudanese ministerial meeting on Wednesday that 228 Jordanian investment projects are operating in the country, 166 of them in the industrial sector, 55 in the service sector and 17 in the agricultural sector.

The two sides are expected to sign ten joint and multisectoral agreements on Thursday, with the prime ministers of Sudan and Jordan.
On other the hand the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry Bilal Yousif said they have over 60 agreements, memos of understanding and protocols signed by the two countries some of them their terms have expired due to the delay of the high committees meeting but they will be reconfirmed and new memos will be signed on Thursday.

He affirmed that Sudan is keen on following up and activating what was agreed on.
Bilal outlined while addressing the meetings of the technical committees that more than 20 crucial documents are put forward in crucial spheres during the current session which will strengthen the ties of Arab and regional integration on all levels noting that the two countries are connected by many agreements in the economic, cultural, social and investment field towards realizing common interests.