Washington Recognizes Khartoum Efforts to Bring Peace in S. Sudan


Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed briefed the US Chargé d’ Affaires in Khartoum, Steven Koutsis, on peace efforts to bring the South Sudan parties together, which culminated in the signing of the Agreement on Principles and the Agreement on Security Arrangements between the two parties.

During their meeting on Monday, in the presence of the US Ambassador to South Sudan, Al-Dirdiri reviewed the future of the mediation work, which he described as a revival to the South Sudan Peace Agreement signed in August 2015, stressing the importance and necessity of the international community’s support for these efforts, and to provide all political and material aids to ensure a comprehensive and lasting agreement.

The meeting also dealt with the bilateral relations between the two countries, where it ensured on the continuation of cooperation in all fields, and also discussed the regional situation and the need to strengthen the factors of achieving regional peace and security.