Washington: Removing Name of Sudan from Terrorism List has Become Imminent


The US Charge d’Affaires in Sudan, Steven Koutsis has declared welcome to the agreement between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).

He said in a statement at the premises of the Embassy that removing the name of the Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism has become imminent, adding, it depends to a great extent on integration of the armed movements in the agreement and realization of peace in Darfur and the two areas.

He said that they had lifted the sanctions from Sudan since the year 2017, but corruption and mismanagement during the era of the regime of Al Bashir had eclipsed the benefits of the decision.

The US State Department welcomed the agreement and said that the special envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, would return to the area soon, according to Ashorouq Net.

It described the agreement reached between the TMC and the FFC on Friday as an important step forward.