Western Groups Snub Yasser Arman


Citizens in the Nuba Mountains abroad succeeded in persuading western groups and organizations to not deal with Yasser Arman, the Secretary-General of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).

A delegation from the Nuba Mountains Solidarity Organization recently met with the parliamentary group of Sudan and South Sudan led by Baroness Cox at the British Parliament, The meeting dealt with the issues of humanitarian aid delivery and the cessation of hostilities according to activists.

The group’s delegation explained that the SPLM had a new leadership headed by Abdul Aziz al-Helu, calling for not recognizing Arman or deal with him as a representative of the movement or the people of the Nuba Mountains, which was welcomed and positively received by the group according to activists.

This comes after Arman earlier held a meeting with the British parliamentary group, despite his dismissal from the SPLM during the conference held last year.