WFP Approved Strategic Plan for Sudan Amounting to US$2.271 Billion


The Executive Board of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) approved the Sudan country Strategic  Plan (2019 – 2023) at total cost  of USD 2,271,560,158.

The WFP strategic plan for the Sudan aims at realizing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of ending hunger, provision of means of livelihood, supporting small farmers and development besides responding to emergency humanitarian needs.

The WFP said the strategic plan is considered as an important quality shift in its programs for the Sudan as it also constitutes start for the transformation from the relief stage to that of supporting the productive activities of the targeted communities as well as linking interventions with boosting peace and development in the country.

It pointed out that the strategy, which has been agreed upon with the national side, aims at enhancing the capabilities of Sudan for curbing hunger and malnutrition and the same time it assists in realizing SDGs, especially those related to combating poverty besides provision of education and supporting peace-building and self-reliance.