White Nile: Plan to Repatriate 46,000 S. Sudan’s Refugees to Camps


Khartoum – The White Nile state government has unveiled a plan to repatriate 46,000 refugees in the cities of Kosti, Rabak and Doem to refugee camps.

Secretary General of the Government of the State of White Nile, Head of the Technical Coordination Committee for Refugee Affairs in the state, Al-Tayeb Mohammed Abdullah renewed their commitment to apply the law to all those present in the camps of the state, stressing that there will be no exit for refugees from camps, but only in accordance with the regulations and laws. And any refugee refuses to comply with the law will be deported from the country.

The state hosts more than 150 thousand refugees in several camps established on areas owned by individuals and cooperative societies and agricultural land.

Last Sunday, Sudanese interior ministry decided to divide a camp for South Sudanese refugees in the White Nile State into three camps, together with a number of measures to control the security situation. This follows the eruption of violence at Al-Waral Camp where a group of refugees set fires to tents before to looting stores and humanitarian services buildings. The refugees are also accused of raping four Sudanese female teachers working in the camp.

He further regretted that the refugees didn’t appreciate all the efforts done by the Sudanese people and their government to assist them and provide safety.