WUAB select Savings Bank as the best bank in social responsibility


The World Union of Arab Bankers awarded the Bank of Savings and Social Development (BSSD) the Prize of the Best Social Responsibility Bank for the third time in a row on the 5th of the current month of July in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

The Deputy Director General of Bank of Savings and Social Development Abdul-Moneim Mohammad Fadl-Al-Mawla received the award, which is the 12th among the international and regional awards that the Bank has received from the regional network of social responsibility, the International Union of Arab Bankers in Bahrain, Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt during the last four years.

The BSSD Deputy Director General said that the award came within the annual classification of the World Union of Arab Bankers in the framework of quality performance, financial indicators, banking technology and social responsibility.

He affirmed that the bank obtained this evaluation basing on its funding of social dimension including agriculture, water, electricity and education, referring to the BSSD framework agreement through which it finances the printing of the books and manufacture of school sitting tools for all schools in Sudan.

Fadl-Al-Mawla added that the BSSD has a significant role in providing micro-finance, revealing that the bank alone provided more than 27% of the total amount of funds granted by all the banks in the country and it provides micro-finance to more than 67,000 families annually through 14 types of soft collateral afforded by small producers.

It is worth mentioning that the World Bank, last year, commended the efforts of the Bank of Savings and Social Development in consolidating the financial Inclusion in Sudan through its wide geographical spread.